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Analysis Of Samsung Strategic HRM Samples †

Question: Talk about the Analysis Of Samsung Strategic HRM. Answer: Presentation The examination in this report depends working on it investigation of Samsung identified with the year 2015. The association didn't perform very well in this money related year 2015, be that as it may, the workers despite everything got the most noteworthy measure of reward. This extra was granted to the workers dependent on their commitment to the activities and deals of Samsung (Al Ariss, Cascio Paauwe, 2014). Foundation to the report The primary point of the association behind this progression was to keep the workers fulfilled and propelled so the division can be continued running. The decrease of worker turnover was the principle point behind the choice taken by Samsung (Sung Choi, 2014). The fundamental branch of the association which had indicated lackluster showing was the portable handset office. The buyer division representatives of Samsung were granted around 10% reward, the TV staff office was granted around 21% reward and the system business related staff were given 20% reward (, 2018). Extent of the report The report is for the most part dependent on the examination of the contextual investigation of Samsung dependent on the various hypotheses of key administration, reasonableness, reward gave to the workers. The issues looked by the workers will likewise be broke down in the report. Point of the report The point of the report is to look at the explanations for the choice taken by Samsung based numerous hypothetical ideas like, key human asset the executives, moves identified with representative connections, the board of assorted variety, the board of execution, prizes and inspiration, maintenance and worker turnover. The progression taken by the association for the government assistance of the representatives will be investigated in the report dependent on the previously mentioned hypotheses. Isuues with the present practices Decency Out of line conveyance of wages is identified with the path by which the workers of an association are given uncalled for measure of wages as for the activity that is being finished. Decency in the conveyance of wages is some of the time identified with the hole between the wages of the male and the female workers (Campbell, 2015). The inconsistent or out of line conveyance is a significant issue for the situation investigation of Samsung as the association has given reward to the representatives who have a place with the least performing segment (Sabharwal, 2014). Samsung has demonstrated unjustifiable dissemination of wages by giving reward to the workers of those offices which have been ineffective. This is the significant issue identified with the instance of Samsung which had caused uneasiness among the representatives (Chen Hsieh, 2015). Group based reward This procedure is identified with the route by which the individuals from a group are given their prizes or rewards dependent on the exhibition. The trust in the group depends on the reasonable reward gave to the representatives (Olafsen et al., 2015). The procedure of group based installment is utilized in a portion of the associations and it is essentially identified with the achievement of the group in a specific errand or employment. The group based rewards can inspire the individuals from the group to give better execution (Choi Rainey, 2014). Some piece of the wages of the workers are identified with the accomplishment of the colleagues in any office. The colleagues for this situation get comparable sorts of installments or motivations. Samsung has given to reward to a group which was a piece of the ineffective versatile handset division. The prizes have been successful for the portable group; be that as it may, different groups were not exactly upbeat with respect to this choi ce made by Samsung (Chuang, Jackson Jiang, 2016). Absence of methodology The progression that was taken by Samsung identified with the reward gave to the representatives regardless of the monetary misfortunes was a technique that was attempted to hold the workers to keep the creation office running (Mekler et al., 2017). The vital HRM is primarily identified with the procedure by which the association intends to pull in, create, remunerate and consequently hold the representatives so the workers and the association are profited by this training (Clarke Higgs, 2016). Key HRM goes about as the accomplice in the achievement of an association. Samsung had additionally taken this choice dependent on the various divisions of the association and the issues that are being looked by these offices. The absence of appropriate procedure of the association is another significant issue for the situation (Dhar, 2015). Nonexistence of validity The other significant issue that has been considered by Samsung while taking the choice is the relationship with the workers. The relationship with the representatives helps in improving the believability of the choices taken. As indicated by, Chuang, Jackson and Jiang, (2016), the relationship that is created between the representatives and the association assumes a significant job in their pressure and inspiration levels (Knies et al., 2015). The degree of good connection between the workers and the association builds the inspiration levels and prompts the improvement of believability too. Samsung has attempted to improve the relationship with their representatives by furnishing them with remunerations (Kuvaas, Buch Dysvik, 2016). This will assist the organization with reducing the turnover of workers and further improve the activities also. The improvement in relationship with the workers of Samsung will likewise help them in proceeding with their creation significantly after the misfortunes that were acquired by the organization (Malik, Butt Choi, 2015). Appropriate proposals to determine the issues Overseeing HR The board of HR is essentially identified with the ways by which the director of any association plays out his capacities concerning the necessities of the representatives. The designation and arranging of the assets is additionally a significant piece of the human asset the board. The decision of the representatives who need preparing and the individuals who are appointed the best tasks is the choice of the supervisors of the associations. The human asset directors additionally move in the direction of giving the objectives, vision and the course to the representatives and the association. The director additionally has a significant undertaking of making a domain in the association which helps in the inspiration of the workers. The administrators of Samsung need to ensure that the representatives are roused enough to give their best to the organization. The organization needs to figure compelling techniques which identify with the ways by which the directors can control the exhibiti on of the workers. The significant obligation of the administrators is to keep up a domain in the organization where the representatives can adapt continually and improve their presentation all the while. Model The HRM procedure of Samsung had prompted development in the 2014 when the ability the executives system of the organization had been an immense achievement. Prize and inspiration The prizes that are given to the workers assume a significant job in their inspiration procedure. The offer given by the association of any extra money related prizes propels the workers to give their 100% to the organization. Prizes can likewise non-fiscal which are identified with the workplace and the endeavors that are taken by the association. One of the best prize that can be given by an association is motivator, which is identified with the extra money related advantages that are given to the representatives. Inspiration gave to the representatives in the working environment is likewise significant for the powerful execution of the representatives. Samsung had chosen to furnish inspiration to the representatives with the assistance of the reward which was given regardless of the terrible showing of the association in the year 2015. The representatives of the versatile handset division which needed to confront numerous difficulties in the market were given their reward. Samsung didn't show a solid exhibition around the same time, be that as it may, the organization chose to make this stride so as to proceed with the tasks of the division. The workers were furnished with half reward around the same time when the division acted in a poor manner. This progression was the significant spurring factor for the representatives and they helped the association in keeping the division in a running state. The prizes framework ought to be set in such a way along these lines, that the workers are inspired to act in the association. Samsung had given reward to the representatives despite the misfortunes that were brought about by the association in that division. This was an explanation behind dissatisfaction for different representatives of numerous different divisions. Model Samsung has a particular worker benefits system which has been in activity since the year 2012 and this has prompted developments in the various procedures of the organization. Decent variety Decent variety the board is identified with the procedure by which the distinctions and the likenesses of the representatives can be overseen by the association. The decent variety the executives procedure of an association is for the most part identified with certain qualities which are laid by the organization. This procedure helps in making a situation in the association which helps the workers in contributing towards the objectives of the association and the self-awareness of the representatives too. Samsung has made numerous strides identified with the administration of decent variety in the association which incorporates truly crippled workers, female representatives and some more. The association has taken numerous endeavors to deal with the decent variety in their workplace and this has helped Samsung in holding representatives in any event, during the intense stages. Samsung has indicated adaptability in their activities dependent on the incorporation of female staff in the initiative and their versatility in the various conditions. The enrollment of impaired representatives is another significant advance taken by Samsung towards the executives of differing condition. The contextual investigation has additionally indicated assorted variety the executives by Samsung as they have given prizes to the workers of the considerable number of divisions including their versatile division which had not performed well that year. Th

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There are 3 options and the writer can choose 1 to write on Essay

There are 3 alternatives and the author can pick 1 to compose on - Essay Example If social incorporation alludes to the commitment of all individuals from the general public to incorporate people isolated by society dependent on inclination or unjustified reasons, at that point forestalling the introduction of individuals with people through hereditary intercession can't be supported. The paper holds that forestalling the introduction of people with handicaps inside the current social framework is indecent and selective of individuals with inabilities. From Chance to Choice Introduction One of the predominant manners by which the human condition could be modified is through the upgrade of crucial human limits. In the event that one of the accomplices conveys a rendition of a quality that could partiality the posterity to acquire conditions that they need to turn away, at that point quality control may seem a feasible method to defend the undesired result. Incapacity speaks to a physical or state of mind that people have an amazing inclination not to be, which in some sense can be considered as a â€Å"harmed condition.† This lifts the importance of testing the standardizing addresses raised by such possibilities (Robertson,1996. Foundation In the article titled â€Å"from Chance to Choice,† Buchanan et al. ... The forecast on whether bolster will decrease as science lessens the event of hereditary illnesses is significantly less sensible today, than it would have been two decades back. This ignores the likelihood that the individuals who may not be incapacitated can have real interests in limiting the pace of inabilities (Buchanan, Brock, Daniels, and Wilker, 2000). The intrigue that people have in not having handicaps can be viewed as ethically authentic; in any case, in certain occasions, the intrigue might be unessential since the incapacity can be turned away just by defending the presence of the person who may be brought into the world with the inability. The rate of hereditarily based maladies might be limited without forestalling the introduction of people who may have handicaps. Thus, contention on the loss of help must be dismissed as it neglects to grant any weight to the authentic interests that people have in turning away incapacities. Buchanan et al. (2000) makes a qualificati on between being hurt and being wrongly hurt. Moreover, the loss of help contention is exclusionary, which render it defective since it thinks about just an area of genuine enthusiasm in question and grant no weight to the real interests that people have in not having incapacities (Sherlock and Morrey, 2002). Conversation I concur with the introduced thought that using germ line decision to dispose of inabilities is unethical and destructive. By and large, there exists an inalienable moral issue with the quest for adjusting qualities of people in the future given that such an activity can't be named as a â€Å"therapy† of a set future posterity, yet rather depends on a â€Å"eugenic† judgment on the value of

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CNA Resume Examples, Template Tips

CNA Resume Examples, Template Tips Health and healthcare have always been some of the most important things in everyone’s life. People get sick, they get injured or they eventually simply get old. That is part of the normal cycle of life.Over the years we have learned and we are still learning the best way to treat various illnesses and provide the best healthcare for older people who cannot look after themselves on their own.And while doctors tend to the patients in the hospital, certified nursing assistants tend to help people with certain disabilities and older people who find it difficult to live and do everyday things alone.Now, it’s not an easy job, and people who hire CNAs usually want to hire someone who is well-qualified and with some experience.Therefore, if you wanted to apply to work as CNA, it would help you to have a perfect-looking resume.It is not so easy to write a perfect resume. Some people make it too big, others make it too small. Some include every skill they have, others put only several ski lls. You really need to balance all the information, to put what is important and remove what is not important. That is what makes it so hard.A perfect resume should be able to answer several important questions. Let’s see what those questions are.How to make your resume stand out of the crowd of many similar resumes?What are the most important sections of each resume?What is the best resume template?What is the optimal size for a resume?Why are these things important? Well, in case you write any part of the resume badly, that could lower your chances of you getting the job you want.But you don’t have to worry about anything. We will help you. We are going to teach how you can write a perfect resume. What information to include, what not, depending on the job position you want to apply for.Not every job requires the same resume. Depending on your job choice, you need to adjust your resume to fit that position. Every job requires a specific set of skills, which you will have to i nclude in your resume.Therefore, we will try to teach you how to make your own resume layout.However, sometimes that is not that easy, and people often don’t have much time to spend writing their resumes.In that case, we offer you the chance to use our resume template builder and simply fill in all the details, without having to worry too much about how to create a layout for your resume.Now, let’s get down to business and learn something!Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Example Right CNA Resume Example Right Create your own resumeGUIDE ON WRITING THE PERSONAL INFO SECTIONA resume is a formal way of meeting a person, learning something about their life, skills, and interests. Because of that, it is very common to start your resume by writing something about yourself, some personal info, which would help recruiters get to know you.As good as it is to share certain information about yourself, it is not a good idea to be an open book. You should keep some things to yourself and share only information that could be useful for the position you want to apply for.As usual, you can always use our resume template builder for help, instead of manually writing everything. That way, you won’t miss any important information.Full nameThe first information you should share in your resume is, of course, your name. It’s the same as when you meet someone.The first thing to say is your name. However, since we are talking about business, you have to be formal. You should state your full name, without us ing any nicknames in between.That would give the impression of professionalism.Penny Monroe RightPenny “Pie” Monroe WrongProfessionNow when you presented your name, the next information to share is your former or current profession, if you’ve had your experience, or your highest education title, in case you are a fresh graduate or if you are applying for an internship.PhotoIn some jobs, sharing the photograph of yourself is required, while in some, it’s not.However, even if it is not stated in the application, you should include the photo of yourself in your resume.Bear in mind, though, that the photo you put needs to be professional.So, it is not a good idea to put a photo of you in a swimming suit drinking cocktails on a sunny beach. Dress nice, do some haircut and look professional.Phone numberSome recruiters like to have direct contact with the applicants, instead of communicating via emails.Therefore, it is always a good idea to share your phone number on your resume, whether it is required or not.Also, emails tend to get bugged, so it is better to have as many ways of communication as possible.AddressMost of the time, it is not required to share your address. However, it is a good idea to do so, simply because recruiters could actually see where you live and perhaps put you in a position closer to your home, in case we are talking about big companies.Or, you can simply get paid ride in case you live too far from the job. So, there is basically no harm in sharing the address, just benefits.E-Mail addressThe most usual mean of communication in business nowadays is using emails.Therefore, it is the most necessary one to share in your resume.However, make sure not to put any email.What you should do is have one email only for business, that would look more professional, without any nicknames and such.The best way would be to use your full name or a bit shorter version of it, in case it is too long. That would make you look more professional.pennymo Right WrongSocial media profilesToday, social media platforms are a huge thing, not just in private life, but also in business.Their huge popularity is what lead to the beginning of social media marketing, which is a very powerful marketing system.Therefore, it is not a surprise that sharing social media profiles on your resume has become a pretty usual thing.You are free to share some of your social media profiles, but before you do that, you should make them look professional. So, no drinking profile pictures, etc.Also, you could use features like Facebook or Instagram pages to make your own page to showcase your achievements and portfolio.One social media profile you should always share in a resume is your LinkedIn profile.Before you do that, however, make sure to edit the link, in order for it to look easier to read, thus making it more professional.Let’s see the example in the -monroe-1x569874 WrongGUIDE ON WRITING THE SUMMARY SECTIONYour resume is your business ID, the summarized content representing your previous life, experience, and skills you earned over time.Even though it is already a short form of your life, you should write a separate section, in which you will describe the most important information from your resume in several sentences.That section is the summary section.So, when it comes to information that goes there, you should put experiences and achievements that are closely related to the job you want to apply for.By doing that, you give the option to recruiters to read everything you will write in the resume itself, in a shorter form, summarizing the most important details.Make sure to include everything important, but don’t make it too long, just a couple of sentences. Let’s take a look at a practical example.SummaryCertified Nursing Assistant with 5 years of experience in working with elderly people, as well as with injured young people and adults who cannot care for themselves on their own. Very friendly and reliable, able to perform all daily house tasks, as well as needed medical care, such as setting up the infusion, taking blood samples, measuring heart rate and have extensive knowledge of drugs used for almost every illness. RightSummaryCNA with a lot of experience and extensive knowledge of drugs and medical procedures. WrongGUIDE ON WRITING THE EXPERIENCE SECTIONThe experience section of the resume is where you write current and previous jobs you had, in case you had some.The correct way of doing that is by using the reverse-chronological order, meaning that you should write your latest job first and your first job in the end.This method is used for almost everything regarding resumes and some other business letters.Let’s take a look at some examples. Right WrongAnother thing you can notice from the table is that for each job, there is a description of activities that were done on that job.So, make sure to point out the most important activities that you may have done while on that job. If you have certain achievements, make sure to mention them as well.This information is useful to recruiters, so they could see your qualifications and competencies and compare them to ones that are needed for the job position.However, if you are still not sure how to do this or you simply don’t have enough time to do it properly, you could use our resume template builder and just fill in the form.GUIDE ON WRITING THE EDUCATION SECTIONWhen it comes to writing the education section of your resume, the same principle applies as it was the case with the experience section.So, you would first write your most recent education, for instance, the university you finished, then the high school, etc.In case you are highly educated and have a lot of experience, you don’t have to put all the schools you had finished.The highest one should be enough in order not to waste too much space for more important information.Let’s see how that look in a practical example. Right WrongAnother thing to notice is that for each school or university, there should be a couple of points, describing what did you do there. Perhaps, if you had some academic activities related to it and similar.Also, if you had good grades, you could put your GPA score. If you had managed to get onto the Dean’s list for several consecutive semesters, you should really share that information as well.By sharing all of that, you would really help recruiters to understand what kind of person you really are, to look at the big picture and not judge you by one or two things they might not like.GUIDE ON WRITING THE SKILLS SECTIONLast, but not least, there is the skills section of the resume. Here you should write the skills you have.But, bear in mind that you shouldn’t write everything you know. Yes, it is good to know a lot of things and have a lot of skills, but you should only put the ones that are important for the job you want to apply for.For example, you don’t need to know any programming language in order to be a certified nursing assistant.However, you do need to have some experience with healthcare and having people skills are very welcomed.Let’s see how that looks in a practical example. Right WrongAnother useful advice is that you should try to separate skills into different categories. First, write the ones important for the job position that you are applying for, then move onto the other skills you may have.By doing that, you would make it easier for recruiters to compare the skills you have to the skills they require candidates to have in order to get the job.TIPS TRICKSFont Style â€" same as with writing everything, the first thing you need to do is decide which font you want to use. When it comes to writing resumes, the font is an important part of it because your resume is your personal signature. It represents your personality and tells recruiters what kind of person you are. So, choose wisely. The only thing to remember is that you shouldn’t pick handwritten fonts because they are harder to read and your resume would look more professional with one of the normal fonts.Good Resume Size â€" there are people who have a lot of experience, so they tend to write re ally big resumes, that are over 3 pages. However, that is a mistake. A resume is a short version of your life, skills, and interests, as its name says. It shouldn’t be too large. You shouldn’t write more than 1, maximum 2 pages, so it would look more professional.Bulleting â€" a good way of shortening the text and avoid having too much unnecessary information in your resume is to make bulleting lists. However, make sure that each point is no longer than three rows. It would make everything much easier to read.Choosing the right File Format â€" there are usually two types of file formats that people use when they write their own resumes. Those are PDF and TXT. While TXT files are easier to edit, PDF files look more professional. That’s why you should always use PDF as your main format for resumes. In case you are a person who tends to edit resume very often, what you could do is have one copy of it in TXT format and then convert it to PDF after every edit. Just make sure that y ou only send resume in PDF format when you apply for a job.Choosing the right Resume Template â€" another thing that could really represent your personality through your resume is the template you choose to use for your resume. It could tell recruiters what kind of person you are. You can create your own template or simply pick the one from the internet. You should choose one that would suit you the most. In order to help you, we decided to share our resume template builder, in case you don’t have time to make your own template.Regular E-Mail Checkups â€" emails have become the usual way of communication between companies and candidates for jobs, as well as the most important mean for communicating between employees across the world. That’s why you should always check your email on a regular basis, especially when you apply for a job. Sometimes emails get lost or get sent to the spam folder, in which case they are really easy to miss. Therefore, don’t forget to check that fold er as well, so you don’t miss the opportunity to get the job you want.Returning to your Resume â€" after you finish writing your resume, what you should do is pretend to be a recruiter and read the whole thing. That way, you will get to see the resume objectively and notice the things you might’ve missed to add, which could be important. You might need to add a few skills, remove some abilities, etc. in order to polish your resume and make it look perfect.One job, one Resume â€" a common mistake beginners make is having only one resume for every job they apply for. The problem with that is that every job requires a specific set of skills. So, when you write a resume for, let’s say web developer position, it is different than writing a resume for risk manager position. Set of skills required for each job is different, so you need to adjust your resume to the job position you want to apply for. Do the research and figure out what is required for the job and then think about how it would fit with the skills you already have and put it in your resume.Mentioning Political Opinion and Activities â€" whatever you do, it is never a good idea to brag about your political opinions and activities. You can almost never know whether your potential bosses share the same opinions. Of course, not all bosses would make a decision based on personal opinions and feelings, but in some cases, that could happen. Then, a person who is well-qualified could be rejected. Therefore, you should keep your political opinion for yourself, at least at first.Using the Proper Grammar â€" why is it important to have a grammatically correct resume? Well, first of all, having grammar mistakes could be seen as unprofessional and would look sloppy, making your resume look really bad. To avoid that, try to check your grammar while you are writing the resume and even after.Adding new things to your Resume â€" when your resume is finished, it will represent your personality and skills. However, people learn new things over time, so in order for your resume to keep being the image of yourself, you need to update it on a regular basis. So, whenever you learn something new and important, that could be useful for the job you do, or the job you want to apply for, make sure to update your resume. That way, you will always be ready to apply for any job you want, with just simple editing prior to the application.CONCLUSIONThere you go, folks! Today we taught you how to write a perfect resume for Certified Nursing Assistant. We went over the most important sections each resume should have and learned what information to include in the resume and what information to exclude.If you are still not sure about making your own resume, feel free to use our resume template builder and simply fill in the template with your personal information.In case you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments below! Create your own resume

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Patriarchy in Romeo and Juliet - 1718 Words

In a patriarchal society, women are expected to conform to social restrictions by demonstrating reverence and obedience to the males in their lives. Shakespeares tragic play, Romeo and Juliet, explores the effects of patriarchal authority exerted over women and how the patriarchal structure left no escape from it, save death. Through Juliet, Lady Capulet, and the Nurse, Shakespeare establishes a common understanding of this type of society, but illuminates three different reactions to the social oppression by portraying the responses of a passionate lover, an idyllic housewife, and an attendant. Juliet is introduced into the play in act one scene three, as an innocent, obedient, and respectful adolescent. Her polite response to her†¦show more content†¦The idyllic housewife, Lady Capulet, is a loving, virtuous, and obedient wife who is completely supportive of her husbands wishes above the well-being of her daughter. Throughout the entire play, Lady Capulet is an extension of her husband, promoting his judgments and requests. She acts as his ambassador when she informs Juliet of Paris desires and intentions. Comparing Juliet to other girls her age already married, Lady Capulet encourages her to love the gentleman (1.3.81) and to behold him at [the] feast (1.3.82). As she talks highly of Paris, she fulfills her motherly duties by giving her tips on how to find love with a man (1.3.83-86). Lady Capulet then disappears until act three scene four, where Capulet instructs her with direct orders to go to Juliet and prepare her for her wedding day (3.4.31-32). Immediately, Lady Capulet submits to his authority and carries out the order. When Juliet claims she is not well, Lady Capulet scolds her for lamenting too long over Tybalts death. She tells her that a reasonable amount of grieving is a sign of love, but too much is foolish. Lady Capulet remains conservative in the advice she gives to her daughter, no doubt with her husbands wishes in mind. She chooses not see her daughters pain in deference to her husbands wishes.Show MoreRelatedConfined Entrapment Essay1622 Words   |  7 Pagesthe term patriarchy. In a patriarchal society, the authority in the family is vested in males through whom descent and inheritance are traced (Ivan 00), and women are expected to conform to the social restrictions by demonstrating reverence and obedience to the males in their lives; they are merely commodities and dealt with as possessions. Shakespeares tragic play, Romeo and Juliet, explores the effects of patriarchal authority exerted over women and the responses to it. Through Juliet, Lady CapuletRead MoreEssay on Parent, Child with Learning Disorders1341 Words   |  6 PagesExamine how Shakespeare creates dramatic tension at the lovers’ first meeting in Act 1 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet. How easy is it to relate to them? Act 1 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet is one of the most important scenes in the play because it is the scene where Romeo and Juliet first meet. The play is fundamentally about two families: the Montague’s and the Capulet’s. It is during Act 1 Scene 5 where they first fall in love; however, they’re unaware that they are from their rival familiesRead MoreThe Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet By William Shakespeare1268 Words   |  6 Pages The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is widely known as the greatest love story of all time. Not only for it’s great story, but also revolutionizing the genre and what the audience thinks of society.. It’s strong female heroine that stands up to her farther and the idea of equal power in marriage were unheard of at the time. However, beneath that is a dark story about suicide, death, hate, and mortality. It’s hard to believe that an author challenging the social norm of the time would also punish theRead MoreUpd ating Freud : Female Behavior1355 Words   |  6 Pagesaspect of Twilight that lends itself to a modern update of Freud’s concept of the pleasure principle is the fact that the female protagonist, Bella, is incredibly gendered in the novel. While Romeo and Juliet seemingly focused on the lover’s journey as a pair, with perhaps even more attention focused on Romeo, Bella is clearly at the center of Meyer’s novel and it is impossible to overlook the patriarchal influences that influence her behaviors and decisions. In addition, I would argue that Freud’sRead MoreWilliam Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet Essay2269 Words   |  10 PagesWilliam Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet In Romeo and Juliet, the characters of both Juliet and her father, Lord Capulet, and their relationship is very much affected by not only the way in which each character conducts themselves, but also by prominent views of the public, such as the role of women in society and patriarchy. Through their relationship, Shakespeare explores many emotions, and allows himself to develop and change their relationship throughout the playRead MorePatriarchy Is Not A Recipe For Happiness1618 Words   |  7 Pagesvictims of an oppressive patriarchy....Self-imposed victimhood is not a recipe for happiness.† - Phyllis Schlafly For the majority of human history, man has ruled over the entire human population. Feminism has always been looked down upon. Even women look down on other women for calling themselves the f word, a Feminist. Where did these ideals come from, and how have they become so deeply entrenched in our society? How long can we go on like this? I’ve always found patriarchy to be different aroundRead MoreEssay on A Feminist Perspective of William Shakespeare1506 Words   |  7 Pagesmales and females, about what the characteristics of each gender are, about what is defined as masculine and feminine, about how each gender possesses both masculine and feminine qualities and behaviors, about the nature and power of a hegemonic patriarchy, and about the roles women and men should play in acting out the stories of their lives. Since feminist criticism today focuses on many of these same issues, we can bring such critical inquiry into the classroom by asking straightforward questionsRead M oreComparing Relationships in Romeo and Juliet and Great Expectations892 Words   |  4 PagesThe familial relationship between Juliet and her father, Lord Capulet, is quite ambivalent. It is very much affected by prominent views of the public such as patriarchy. In the medieval world of Verona in Elizabethan England, fathers were entirely in charge the household as they were viewed as dominate and more powerful. In the beginning, Lord Capulet is illustrated to be concerned that marriage to the â€Å"Gallant† and â€Å"noble† County Paris is too sudden for his daughter. My child is yet a strangerRead MoreShakespeares Criticism Of Feminism1864 Words   |  8 Pageslove or hate the complexity of his female characters. He was able to manifest characters in a time when women in society where the only job women could hold was to run a household and follow the word of her husband. Duvalois 2 In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s Juliet is bold, and that makes her a strong, powerful female character. She was not afraid to take control of her life rather than obeying her father’s orders for her to marry whom he had chosen for her. She came from a noble family whereRead MorePresentation Of Tybalt And Jack1494 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Compare the presentation of Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet and Jack in the Lord of the Flies Shakespeare presents Tybalt to be a very stubborn character. Tybalt says, â€Å"Fetch me my rapier, boy.† This quote shows the Tybalt is demanding someone to give him his sword. The word ‘fetch’ is an imperative so Tybalt is commanding someone lower than him to do something. Also, it shows that he is relating the person in question to a dog because a dog would normally fetch something for it leader. Furthermore

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The Shocking Tragedy Of The Usa / Patriot Act Essay

Introduction The shocking tragedy on September 11, 2001 altered the course of American national security. Prior to the 9/11 attacks, homeland security was rarely debated as a hot topic, even within the small circle of policy elites (Kamarck, 2013, p. 34). The only prior homeland attack on America was Pearl Harbor and this was not on U.S. mainland. Many Americans were shocked that such a tragedy could occur on American soil and they are still shocked to this day. People are still recovering from this tragic event. The government knew that the country’s enemies still posed an enormous threat to the nation’s security. In response to the events that took place on 9/11, the United States Congress passed the USA/Patriot Act, which intensified the surveillance powers held by the federal government through the National Security Agency (NSA) and other federal agencies. This act increased national airport security procedures, metro security in most major U.S. cities, and extended the governme nt’s capacity to spy on citizens. There are many surveillance tactics currently used by the U.S. government. This includes cellphone data requests by local, state, and federal law enforcement authorities, drones, and stingray interceptors. Stingrays are an electronic surveillance device that impersonate a cell tower and intercept phone calls and text messages. In 2011, after the death of Osama Bin Laden, America had somewhat recovered from the 9/11 attacks, and became more lenient about nationalShow MoreRelatedThe Global Repercussions Of 9 / 111232 Words   |  5 Pagesago, not only the United States changed, but the World changed. The global repercussions of 9/11 are still being felt today. The attacks of the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. can be described as horrific, shocking, confusing and depressing. Tens of thousands of people witnessed it in person, and millions witnessed it through TV, read it in their newspapers, all who were seeking the reasoning behind this. So wh at happened? At 8:52 AM, a plane that had been

Scanning the Environment Free Essays

Evaluating the relative positions of competitors allows business firms to discover threats and opportunities relative to organizational strengths and weaknesses together with an understanding of the political, economic, socio-demographic and technical forces shaping the competitive environment (Saloner, Shepard Podolny, 2000). Insights from environmental scanning support sound strategies as shown in the succeeding discussion. Demographics and Socio-Cultural Trends and Choice of Strategy Demographics and socio-cultural trends reflect changes in consumption so that the firm that can match the pace of consumer behavior would likely achieve an edge in the market (Porter, 1998). We will write a custom essay sample on Scanning the Environment or any similar topic only for you Order Now Amazon Grocery is responding to the growing adoption, by the niche market of non-price sensitive consumers, of the health conscious lifestyle resulting to an increase in demand, for fresh and healthy food products, especially with media buzz on diet and weight-loss regimen by applying the niche strategy. Aldi’s targets a different trend, which is the growth in the middle to low income group leading to the rise in price-conscious consumers seeking low priced products but of high quality. Effect of Advertising on Strategy The audience reached by television and online advertising explains the strong impact of advertising on business strategy (David, 2007). Amazon Grocery likely engages extensively in advertising through both television and online advertising focused on reaching its targeted niche market. Advertising in the timeslot of food and lifestyle shows and creating websites or forums on healthy food suggestions are means of reaching the niche audience. Aldi’s also engages in television and online advertising with a broader perspective because it is targeting a wider market and it has a wide range of options from airing during the timeslot of children’s shows and soap operas together with company website and forums. Relative Positions of Competitors. Collated information on demographics and socio-cultural trends and advertising strategies appears to support Aldi’s better position. Aldi’s targets a wide range of consumers, which means leeway for expansion and growth when compared to the easily saturated niche market of Amazon Grocery. Aldi’s has two value offerings, which are quality and low-price allowing the firm to gain a bigger market share while Amazon Grocery only offers the value of quality healthy and organic foods. Recommended Strategy for the Grocery Store Chain. Based on recent trends and changes in the market, the effective strategy for the grocery store chain is to develop a one-stop store chain providing a section on high quality but low-priced (if not the lowest priced) healthy and organic foods and a section for high quality and low priced (if not the lowest priced) other food items. The grocery could also consider establishing a ready-to-eat and non-food sections both adopting the quality and low price value combination. This would allow the grocery food chain to tap into both the markets of its competitors and reach untapped segments giving it an edge. Strategies and Improving Image as Corporate Citizen in the Community Strategies can enhance the image of firms as contributing members of the community by providing products and serviced that improve the wellbeing of fellow community members (David, 2007). Amazon Grocery supports the health of community members, Aldi’s empathize with the limits of the purchasing power of residents, and the grocery store chain provides every possible need of the community. Conclusion Knowing one’s competitive position and that of close competitors supports the development of effective strategies that create an edge for firms. How to cite Scanning the Environment, Papers

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Lyme Disease Essays - Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Rheumatology, RTT

Lyme Disease The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), P.O. Box 8923, New Fairfield, CT 06812, (203) 746-6518 Lyme Disease Lyme Arthritis General Discussion -------------------------------- ** REMINDER ** The information contained in the Rare Disease Database is provided for educational purposes only. It should not be used for diagnostic or treatment purposes. If you wish to obtain more information about this disorder, please contact your personal physician and/or the agencies listed in the "Resources" section of this report. Lyme disease is a tick-transmitted inflammatory disorder characterized by an early focal skin lesion, and subsequently a growing red area on the skin (erythema chronicum migrans or ECM). The disorder may be followed weeks later by neurological, heart or joint abnormalities. Symptomatology -------------------------------- The first symptom of Lyme disease is a skin lesion. Known as erythema chronicum migrans, or ECM, this usually begins as a red discoloration (macule) or as an elevated round spot (papule). The skin lesion usually appears on an extremity or on the trunk, especially the thigh, buttock or the under arm. This spot expands, often with central clearing, to a diameter as large as 50 cm (c. 12 in.). Approximately 25% of patients with Lyme disease report having been bitten at that site by a tiny tick 3 to 32 days before onset of ECM. The lesion may be warm to touch. Soon after onset nearly half the patients develop multiple smaller lesions without hardened centers. ECM generally lasts for a few weeks. Other types of lesions may subsequently appear during resolution. Former skin lesions may reappear faintly, sometimes before recurrent attacks of arthritis. Lesions of the mucous membranes do not occur in Lyme disease. The most common symptoms accompanying ECM, or preceding it by a few days, may include malaise, fatigue, chills, fever, headache and stiff neck. Less commonly, backache, muscle aches (myalgias), nausea, vomiting, sore throat, swollen lymph glands, and an enlarged spleen may also be present. Most symptoms are characteristically intermittent and changing, but malaise and fatigue may linger for weeks. Arthritis is present in about half of the patients with ECM, occurring within weeks to months following onset and lasting as long as 2 years. Early in the illness, migratory inflammation of many joints (polyarthritis) without joint swelling may occur. Later, longer attacks of swelling and pain in several large joints, especially the knees, typically recur for several years. The knees commonly are much more swollen than painful; they are often hot, but rarely red. Baker's cysts (a cyst in the knee) may form and rupture. Those symptoms accompanying ECM, especially malaise, fatigue and low- grade fever, may also precede or accompany recurrent attacks of arthritis. About 10% of patients develop chronic knee involvement (i.e. unremittent for 6 months or longer). Neurological abnormalities may develop in about 15% of patients with Lyme disease within weeks to months following onset of ECM, often before arthritis occurs. These abnormalities commonly last for months, and usually resolve completely. They include: 1. lymphocytic meningitis or meningoencephalitis 2. jerky involuntary movements (chorea) 3. failure of muscle coordination due to dysfunction of the cerebellum (cerebellar ataxia) 4. cranial neuritis including Bell's palsy (a form of facial paralysis) 5. motor and sensory radiculo-neuritis (symmetric weakness, pain, strange sensations in the extremities, usually occurring first in the legs) 6. injury to single nerves causing diminished nerve response (mononeuritis multiplex) 7. inflammation of the spinal cord (myelitis). Abnormalities in the heart muscle (myocardium) occur in approximately 8% of patients with Lyme disease within weeks of ECM. They may include fluctuating degrees of atrioventricular block and, less commonly, inflammation of the heart sack and heart muscle (myopericarditis) with reduced blood volume ejected from the left ventricle and an enlarged heart (cardiomegaly). When Lyme Disease is contracted during pregnancy, the fetus may or may not be adversely affected, or may contract congenital Lyme Disease. In a study of nineteen pregnant women with Lyme Disease, fourteen had normal pregnancies and normal babies. If Lyme Disease is contracted during pregnancy, possible fetal abnormalities and premature birth can occur. Etiology -------------------------------- Lyme disease is caused by a spirochete bacterium (Borrelia Burgdorferi) transmitted by a small tick called Ixodes dammini. The spirochete is probably injected into the victim's skin or bloodstream at the time of the insect bite. After an incubation period of 3 to 32 days, the organism migrates outward in the skin, is spread through the lymphatic system or is disseminated by the blood to different body organs or other skin sites. Lyme Disease was first described in 1909 in European medical journals. The first outbreak in the United States occurred in the early 1970's in Old lyme, Connecticut.